Special Requests

On occasion, you may require special banking services. The cost of these special requests, as well as any other additional charges, can be found here:

This table lists the cost of special requests
Special Requests Costs
Send Interac e-Transferâ„¢

Stop Interac e-Transferâ„¢

Stop Payments Requests:
  • When full details are provided (date, payee, cheque no., and amount
  • When full details are not provided


Bank Card Replacement: One free card replacement per year and $4.97 for each card over and above that.
Note: there is no charge to replace returned damaged cards.
Money Orders and Bank Drafts − all currencies: $7.50
(A courier charge will apply if you request courier delivery)
Notice of Caution
  • When a money order or bank draft drawn on a foreign currency is stopped.
Negotiate US/Foreign Currency Cheques. Cheques written in U.S. Currency, Cheques written in Foreign Currency $1,000 or less - $7.50
Over $1,000 - $15.00
Wire Transfers:
  • *Outgoing Wire Transfers
$10,000 or less: $30.00 per payment
$10,000.01 - $50,000: $50.00 per payment
Greater than $50,000: $80.00 per payment
Wire Transfer from another Financial Institution: Cost of $10 may apply for you to receive funds into your account (please call to inquire).
Inter-Branch Payments:
$20.00 per payment
Note: additional out-of-pocket expenses may apply (drafts)
Transfer of RRSP, TFSA or GIC to another Financial Institution: $50.00 per transfer
Transfer of Account other than TFSA or RRSP to another Financial Institution (by means of a Balance of Account form): $19.50 per account
Retrieval of Cheque Images through Telephone Banking: $5.00 per item
Request Current or Future Paper Statements for the no fee bank account: $1.00 per statement, per month
Retrieval of Past Statements: $5.00 per statement
Customized Account Confirmation Letters as Requested: $16.50 per letter
Client Initiated Automated Banking Machine and Point of Sale Investigations: $10.00 per investigation
Note: there is no charge to initiate investigation of unauthorized transactions. However, a charge may apply if we determine that the transaction resulted from customer error.
Voucher Search Fee (excludes electronic cheque presentment): $5.00 for 90 days or less
$15.00 for over 90 days
Bill Payment Trace/Refund: $10.00 per payment trace/refund

This table lists the cost of additional items to special requests.

Additional Items Cost
Dishonoured Cheque Deposit Fee:
a cheque that is deposited into your President's Choice Financial account and subsequently returned dishonoured by the drawing bank.
Withdrawals through bank machines not displaying the President's Choice Financial or CIBC name or logo:
  • In Canada
    (Interac® networks)
  • Outside Canada
    (foreign ABM charge)



* Some bank machines may levy additional surcharges
Foreign currency withdrawals through bank machines outside Canada:
  • Foreign exchange rate; and
  • Administrative fee

Same conversion rate we are required to pay; and
2.5% of the converted amount
Overdraft Protection: $4.97 charge
This charge will apply only each month in which overdraft is used. Note that a fixed interest rate of 19% per annum will also apply to any overdraft balances.
Rate subject to change.
Not Sufficient Funds (NSF) Charge (i.e. cheques, transfers, pre-authorized payments, post-dated bill payments): $45.00
Inactive or Dormant chequing and savings accounts that have been inactive/dormant for 2 years or greater (up to 9 years): $20.00 each year
(charged starting the first January after 2 years of inactivity)

These costs are effective April 1, 2012