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With the President’s Choice Financial personal loan, you can choose between fixed and variable rates. Fixed rates allow you to lock in the interest rate for the term of the loan − making it easier to budget plus protects you against any rate increases.

  • Use it to consolidate your high interest debt or for purchases like a car
  • Have the security of knowing exactly how much you need to pay every month
  • Prepay your loan at anytime without penalty Open Features
  • Apply to qualify and borrow up to $50,000*
  • No collateral necessary to secure the loan
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Optional Creditor Insurance¹ available to help protect your personal loan

How do I apply for this account?

If you bank with us, sign in to your online banking or call
1-888-723-8881 to apply. For new customers, call us today or talk to a Personal Banking Representative at a PC Financial pavilion near you.

Creditor Insurance Open Creditor Insurance Dialog

If you are unable to make your personal loan payments because of Job Loss, Disability or Death, Creditor Insurance¹ can help protect you and your family. You can insure your personal loan with one or all three types of insurance.

To learn more and view our rates, click here Creditor Insurance Premium.

To add Creditor Insurance to your personal loan, please call

Interest Rates Open Interest Rates Dialog
Fixed Rate Loan

PC Financial offers competitive fixed interest rates on the Personal Loan. Your rate will depend on your credit position. Talk to us today to find out more. Please contact us at 1-888-723-8881 for more information.

Variable Rate Loan

PC Financial offers competitive variable interest rates on the Personal Loan. Your rate will depend on your credit position and is based on prime². Talk to us today to find out more. Please contact us at 1-888-723-8881 or visit an in-store pavilion, for information about our variable rate loans.

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*All credit products are subject to credit approval. Some conditions and restrictions apply; ask for details.

¹Products and their features may change at any time. This is a general description only. Life, Disability and Job Loss Insurance for your PC Financial All-Purpose Loan, Secured Borrowing Account and Personal Line of Credit are creditor's group insurance underwritten by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada and is administered by the insurer and CIBC. CIBC receives fees from the insurer to promote and administer the plan. This insurance is subject to conditions, limitations and exclusions (which are circumstances when benefits are limited or not paid), including pre-existing health/medical condition exclusions, that are described in a Certificate of Insurance you receive upon enrolment. For more information call the Creditor Insurance Helpline at 1-800-465-6020.

²Rate based on go to CIBC prime. Prime means the variable interest rate declared by CIBC from time to time to be the CIBC prime rate for Canadian Dollar loans made by CIBC in Canada. CIBC prime rate is subject to change. Your rate will vary whenever CIBC prime rate varies and/or whenever we change your variable interest rate in our sole discretion.

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