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No Fee Bank Account


Take a look at what you are currently paying your bank. Do you pay a monthly flat fee, or fees after a certain number of transactions? Do you have to keep a minimum balance?

With the President’s Choice Financial® no fee bank account, you get free daily banking. Period. You even earn jump tointerest on the balance in your account, plus the ability to earn PC® points toward free groceries jump to (see more details below). on PC points In fact, switching your existing bank account to a PC Financial no fee Bank Account today could save you up to $200 a year1.

  • Free daily banking with no monthly fee.
  • Free access at any PC Financial or CIBC bank machine.
  • Free unlimited cheques.
  • PC® points toward free groceries2 and more.
  • Open FeaturesFree unlimited Interac® Debit and Interac® Flash purchases, transfers between accounts, bill payments and withdrawals at any PC Financial or CIBC bank machine.
  • Free mobile banking.
  • Interac e-TransfersTM.
  • Earn interest on every dollar in your account.
  • View cheque images for free via online or mobile banking.
  • PC points for setting up jump toDirect Payroll Deposit.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Free Account Switch Service at our pavilions to help you get started.
  • Optional jump tooverdraft protection to help give you peace of mindClose Features..
Earn PC PointsOpen PC Points DialogClose PC Points Dialog

You can earn PC points toward free groceries, Joe Fresh Style™ fashions, home furnishing and more when you pay with your PC Financial no fee bank account at participating grocery stores where President's Choice® products are sold.

This table lists how many PC points you can earn.
Earn How
5 PC points Per $1 spent on your bank card at participating grocery stores where President's Choice® products are sold.
10,000 PC points When you set-up direct deposit for your paycheque or pension to your no fee bank account*.

How to Redeem your PC Points

  • You can begin redeeming once you have earned 20,000 PC points − that's $20 in free groceries! Or redeem higher amounts in increments of 10,000 PC points.

  • Just present your bank card at the check-out atgo to participating grocery stores and tell the cashier that you're redeeming your PC points.
PC points program terms and conditions

*PC points awarded 4-8 weeks after first payroll or pension direct deposit into account. Limit one 10,000 PC points bonus per account per customer. Conditions apply. For complete details, speak to a personal banking representative at an in-store pavilion or call 1-888-723-8881.

Optional ExtrasOpen Optional Extras DialogClose Optional Extras Dialog

Add Overdraft Protection when you open a no fee bank account to help prepare you for life's unexpected surprises.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Qualify for limits up to $5,000.
  • If you do use your overdraft, just bring your account balance above $0 at least once a month.
  • Only when you use the overdraft service, a charge open dialog applies in addition to jump toa fixed interest rate on any overdraft balances.

On occasion, you may require special banking services beyond your day-to-day banking needs. Please refer to our Special Requests open dialog chart for more information.

Other FeaturesOpen Other Features DialogOpen Other Features Dialog

Direct Payroll Deposit

Have your employer deposit your paycheque directly into your account and you’ll have immediate access to your money. You’ll earn 10,000 PC points just for setting it up!*

Direct Pension Deposit

Have your pension deposited directly into your account and you’ll have immediate access to your money. You’ll earn 10,000 PC points just for setting it up!

Pre-authorized Bill Payments

Authorize billing companies to automatically debit the entire amount owed on your account whenever your bill is due to avoid late payment.

Interac e-Transfer™ (formerly Email Money Transfer):

Use Interac e-Transfers to send money to friends and family. Charges apply.

Account to Account Transfers

Set-up automatic transfers from one bank account to another. Just complete the three simple steps on your online banking page.

Interest RatesOpen Interest Rates Close Interest Rates
This table lists the No Fee Bank Account interest rates.
On the portion of balance between: Annual Interest Rate (%)
$0.00 - $1,000.00
$1,000.01 - $5,000.00
$5,000.01 - $10,000.00
$10,000.01 - $25,000.00
$25,000.01 and up

Interest is calculated on the balance of your account at the end of each day and is paid into your account monthly.
Interest is calculated by multiplying the daily interest rate for each tier by the portion of the daily closing balance in that tier.
Rates subject to change.

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